Shave - Better Than Bic Razors Gillette Fusion & Shick Razor Blades Men & Women Shaving!

$ 10

King of Shave by Remington If you are looking for a very close shave and at a GREAT PRICE then you need to try the King of Shave system. The 4 Blades are so much sharper and last much longerthan the brand names you see all the time. The blades are made by REMINGTON!!! A+++ for sharpness and lasting longer than Gillette Fusion or Mach3 and others out there. With the 4 blades set up all you need to do is RUN THE RAZOR over your beard and let the blades do the work for you!!! I know it looks very different than what you are used to using, but you can see where youre shaving more and get a Great Shave. Take your time when shaving. Once you learn how the blades work on your face, You Will Be SOLD I know I am and hope you will be too. Here is what you are getting: 1. Handle and a blade. 2. 16 Replacement blades. 3. A BONUS Pack of blades (4) More!!! Total of 21 Razor Blades. Some Tips on shaving with the King of Shave. 1. Use hot water and a good shaving cream. 2. Shave with the grain of your beard. 3. Do not push the blade, pull it across you beard let the blades do the work. 4. Longer strokes on your face work the best. Enjoy a nice shave!!! This Blades are GREAT for womens legs. All Blades and Handles are in bulk. There is no outer packaging to save you more money on your orders. Shipping & Handling Cost: $3.00 Shipping only in the 48 USA ASAP. I can sell blades in bulk to you if youd like. Just send me an email on how many you are looking for. Seller has a 100% - If you have any problems, please email me before you leave any feedback. I will do my best to take care of any problem you may have. Thank you.

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