Sd-cards - Maxflash 4gb Sd Cards For Bushnell, Moultrie, Stealth Cam Trail Cameras 4 Pack

$ 30

This sale is for 4 MaxFlash 4GB SD Memory Cards Class 10 High SpeedThis Maxflash Trail Camo 4GB SD Memory Card is compatible with any brand and any model trail camera. It is a class 10 high speed SD Card and has a limited lifetime warranty. It can also be used with GPS, Fish Finders, Digital Cameras,Netbooks,Computers, Camcorders, and many more products that use sd cards. Wisconsin Residents Will Be Charged 5% Sales Tax Return PolicyYou may return merchandise purchased from PB Supply LLC DBA OutdoorTrailCams for a refund or exchange. All product returns require a return authorization number (RA). A RA number must be issued within 30 days after the date of purchase; it will be valid for 14 calendar days after it is issued. All returned merchandise must be in original condition, and must include the original factory box (UPC bar codes and serial numbers must be intact) and factory packaging (e.g. foam, plastic, wrappings, etc.), peripherals (e.g. battery, charger, cords, straps, etc.), (without markings), and all instruction booklets and paperwork. The RA number or any other inscriptions must not be written or printed on the product box or packaging. We will not process the return if any of these conditions are not followed. Removal or alteration of a products UPC number, serial number or UPCserial number sticker will automatically void your return. Products that are returned with a missing, damaged or altered serial number will be refused return service and returned to you. A processing fee of 20 percent will apply to the value of all merchandise returned for a refund. If you are returning a product with the intention of purchasing different merchandise, the processing fee will still apply. This fee applies to open and unopened boxes. We will only refund the value of the merchandise returned, not the shipping cost. Refunds for any returned items sold with FREE SHIPPING will be less the shipping cost.If your item isnt working properly, please check the product manual for troubleshooting steps. If you need additional help with troubleshooting, warranty information, or need missing or replacement parts, contact the products manufacturer. Items returned as defective will be tested. If found not defective the buyer will be subject to all fees and will not be eligible for exchange.Defective items: All warranty service and technical support are provided by the manufacturer. All Defective Items will be exchanged or repaired by the manufacturer. All products sold as new are covered with the full manufacturer’s warranty. Refurbished items will have the warranty information stated in the product details. Damaged items: All Packages are inspected for damage before they ship. If your package has been damaged in transit, please contact us immediately. We must be informed of all shipping related claims within 5 calendar days after the date of receipt. We do not issue refunds for returns of damaged merchandise. An item that was discovered damaged upon receipt will be replaced with the same model only upon return of the damaged item.Return shipping: Return shipping cost (the cost to send an item back to us) is like or comparable to your cost of driving to any store for returning an item, which is not reimbursable. Therefore, we do not reimburse any return shipping cost.

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