Phonograph Preamp - Phono Preamp Turntable Record Player Pre Amp Amplifier +3.5mm To Stereo Adapter

$ 16

CURRENT OVERSTOCK OF THIS ITEM IS FORCING US TO SLASH PRICES. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EXTRA LOW PRICE NOW BECAUSE IT WONT LAST LONG!! You will receive the following items for only $16.00. 1. New High Quality Stereo Phono Preamp. 2. New Stereo gold plated 3.5mm to RCA adapter for computer soundcard connection(if youd like to convert your records to cds or audio files on your computer, this adapter will allow you connect the preamps output to your pcs soundcard 3.5mm input (MIC input). This Preamplifier will enable you to play your turntable over any low level input (CD, Aux, Tape, DVD, etc) on your mini system, receiver, amp, tuner, PC for cdr recording, etc. This Preamp provides exact RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) required specs, which are displayed below. SN Ratio is 60dB, which you just cant beat for the price. Works on 110-120VAC. Designated grounding screw for your turntables ground wire provided.Specifications:Input impedance: 50Kohm Input level: 35mVSN ratio: >60dB Equalization: 20-20KHz RIAA Output level: 1.9V Power requirements: 110-120VAC Dimensions: 1.4 (H) x 3.3 (W) x 4.8 (L)Grounding post provided on input side Included in this auction is a new gold plated 3.5mm to rca adapter in case youd like to connect directly to your pc for vinyl to CD conversion of your records, along with clear step by step connection instructions. TRY THIS PREAMP FOR 30 DAYS, IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH ITS PERFORMANCE, RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND! Worldwide shipping also available, please check rates above.

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