Phonograph Preamp - New Numark Tti Usb Phonograph Record Player Turntable Ipod Dock, Preamp New

$ 270

List price $449. If you do not see a discount please contact us to correct the price.Aluminum Platter Able to play vinyl without a computer attached Built-In Phono PreAmp for switchable Line or Phono OutputRecord directly to iPod video (5th gen) and iPod nano (2nd gen)Works with all docking iPod models when used through iTunesRecord directly to your computer via USB33 and 45 RPM belt-drive turntableIncludes EZ Vinyl Converter software (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (Mac) for hassle-free recording (the latest version is available by free download)Brand New and unopened from a direct and Authorized Numark Dealer. RECORD YOUR FAVORITE VINYL RECORDS TO YOUR COMPUTER OR iPOD Legendary Numark turntable performance, USB connectivity and the convenience of your iPod are fused together for the first time in the Numark TTi. This USB turntable with built-in universal dock for iPod easily transfers your old vinyl collection to your iPod. Included software archives your records to CD or MP3. TTis integrated line-level output allows quick, easy connection to any mixer for instant playback from your iPod or vinyl records and ±10% pitch control is included to enable adjustment of playback speed. TTi includes EZ Vinyl Converter (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (MAC); the simplest way to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes. EZ Vinyl Converter features Gracenote® MusicID technology, which analyzes your vinyl and automatically retrieves album, artist and song information for you. EZ Audio Converter lets you easily enter track information. On Mac or PC, you can now digitally archive your collection in just a few mouse clicks. TTi is ideal for first-time DJs or anyone who wants to archive their vinyl to MP3. Like the vast majority of turntables, the TTi-USB does not have speakers built-in. You must connect it via the RCA outputs to a home stereo receiver, boombox with inputs, or other amplified speaker system. A phono pre-amp (a standard feature on most receivers made prior to the 1990s) is not required because the TTi-USB has one built-in. Be sure to select the correct output on the bottom of the turntable, Line or Phono, when connecting to the matching line or phono input; otherwise the music will sound awful, regardless of your musical tastes! Made for the U.S.North American market: 110 volt60Hz power. iPod and iTunes are trademarks of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Gracenote® is a trademark of Gracenote, Inc.Retail List Price: $449. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) was $299! AUDIO-DEPOT SHIPS FAST!! Shipments originate from Wisconsin. Madison, WI customers may use local pickup. IF YOUR PRODUCT IS NOT WORKING, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST. We are here to help! We get more requests for assistance in hooking up record players than any other product, so dont assume it is as easy as plugging in a cd player. It is definitely not! Please contact us for assistance Trouble Shooting Tips: (Running the record player through a computer system requires plugging in the USB cable. This is not necessary for using the record player with a sound system). Start with your sound system volume very low to avoid damage to the system when setting up your record player. Are you plugging the record player in to a LINE input? If so, set the switch on the bottom of the record player to LINE. Are you plugging the record player in to a PHONO input? If so, set the switch on the bottom of the turntable to PHONO. If it then sounds faint and scratchy, then you need to switch it to LINE. Make sure that the volume is turned down before playing a record! Did the needle (aka stylus) break or become mangled? Replacement needles (aka styli) for this record player are really inexpensive. Contact Audio-Depot for replacements! Are you interested in higher fidelity? While you cannot purchase a higher quality needle for the supplied cartridge (that is the thing the needle plugs in to), but you can certainly buy higher quality cartridgeneedle combos for this turntable! The TTi-USB uses the standard Pro Headshell mount and utilizes the standard cartridge Pro-Mount (not to be confused with the cheapo-turntable plug-in P-mount). They attach with 2 screws from the top and four wires in the back. Pro-Mount cartridges are the industry standard for audiophile cartridges and run from less than $40 up to thousands of dollars. We do not recommend that someone with a typical stereo spend more than a couple of hundred dollars on their cartridge and stylus, regardless of the turntable because your sound system will only be as good as it weakest component (the amp or speakers, etc). The inexpensive cartridge and stylus supplied with this turntable is actually of pretty decent quality and works great for most people. Please note: the iPhoneiPod dock is the inch wide variety, not the latest lightning variety. You can still hook up newer devices with an adapter cable (not supplied). Audio-Depot is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau with their highest A+ Rating. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

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