Phono Preamp - Rca Audio Signal Booster Adjustable Preamp Line Driver Stereo Phono Amplifier

$ 20

SCROLL DOWN FOR DESCRIPTION & DETAILS. THIS AUCTION IS FOR ( 1 ) RCA CABLE BOOSTER. ADD ADJUSTABLE POWER TO A AUDIO SIGNAL . Hello, if you have any questions at all about this item simply go to the feedback section and click on contact member and I will be glad to help you in anyway I can. I answer ALL messages from Monday through Friday. Some days I get hundreds of messages so it might take me until the next day to get back to you. if you dont get a response to you message I didnt receive it. please send it again. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your item. Please remember to contact me if you have any problems with your purchase.QUANTITY - 1PACKAGE INCLUDES - 1 HOME SIGNAL AMPSHIPPING FROM - USA TUCSON AZITEM LOCATION - USA TUCSON AZ CONDITION - NEW PACKAGING - NONECOLOR - BLACKPLUG COLOR - RED WHITESIZE LENGTH - ABOUT 2 FOOTPLUG STYLE - STANDARD FEMALE RCA RED & WHITE JACKS. ECO GREEN - YES, ITEM CAN BE RECYCLED.MADE IN - CHINAPART NUMBER - FX259MANUFACTURERS NOTES - SN ratio of 96 db for high quality soundAverage draw is less than 15 milli ampsAdjustable gain controls 0.1 dB - 15 dBConfigurable Output Ground IsolationSolid state ground loop isolationLeft and right gain level adjustmentUp to 10 volt signal outputPowerful power supply noise rejectionPre-Amplifies, and drives differential or single-ended amplifier inputsPICTURE - ITEM MAY VARY A BIT IN COLOR SHAPE OR SIZE BUT STILL PERFORMS AS INTENDED.ITEM - I ORDER THIS ITEM IN BULK. ITEMS ARE NOT INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED.PLEASE READ ENTIRE AUCTION BEFORE PURCHASINGCUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY I sincerely value your business and feedback. If you have any problems with the my product, I am always happy to refund or exchange items. Send me a message through eBay messages and I will take care of you! RETURN POLICY PLEASE DO NOT REQUESTS A RETURN THROUGH eBay,AS IT WILL ONLY SLOW DOWN THE REFUND PROCESS.Simply Send The Item Back.eBay RETURNS2500 N. ORACLE RDTUCSON AZ, 85705Help me! process your return by including the following information in the return package.To refund or exchange i must know how you are.1: YOUR EBAY USER NAME2: E-MAIL ADDRESS3: REFUND OR EXCHANGEOr Message me ... I want to send the seller a message.IF YOU OPEN A REQUEST TO RETURN AN ITEM IT WILL JUST SLOW THINGS DOWN & PROLONG A REFUND. PAYMENTS I ACCEPT PayPal & ALL CARDSTo COMBINE shipping on multiple items you must click the ADD TO CART button not the buy it now button. I offer combined shipping on all of my items. eBay will not let you combine shipping if you click buy it now you must click the ADD TO CART. SHIPPING I ship from U.S.A - TUCSON, ARIZONA through US mail. Monday through Friday Please allow 3 to 4 business days for handling - I try to ship everything same day as paid but some days I need a little more time to pack.CONTACT MEI welcome all messages. simply go to the feedback section and click on contact member. I get hundreds of questions a day so please allow up to 3 days for a response. I REPLY TO ALL MESSAGES SO IF YOU DONT GET A MESSAGES BACK WITH IN 3 WORKING DAYS. I DID NOT GET A MESSAGES FROM YOU!! FEEDBACKPLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE LEAVING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK - I WORK VERY HARD TO KEEP MY BUYERS HAPPY AND STRIVE FOR A 5 STAR FEEDBACK. I AM NOT PERFECT I TRY TO GET EVERY ORDER RIGHT BUT MISTAKES DO HAPPEN SO IF YOU GET THE WRONG ITEM. CONTACT ME AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU 100%

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