Phono Preamp - Little Bear T7 Tube Phono Stage Riaa Mm Turntable Pre-amplifier &hifi Aux Preamp

$ 49

Add to Favorites Seller Join newsletter Payment Shipping Return Policy About Us Contact Us View All Categories Nobsound®——Douk Audio Germany Warehouse USA Warehouse UK Warehouse HiFi Art-Elfidelity Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier Famous Brand Amplifier Integrated Amplifier Digital Amplifier Phono Pre-Amplifier Pre-Amplifier Headphone Amplifier DAC Audio Decoder Guitar Effects Digital Interface Sound Card Bluetooth Audio Devices AV Tube Integrated Amplifier Record PlayersHome Turntables Hi-Fi Speakers Aluminum ChassisDIY Enclosure Tubes Hi-Fi Cable Audio Signal Switcher PSU Power Supply Speaker Protection Audio Accessories Amplifier Transformer Other Home Feedback Save Seller New Listed Ending Soon Auction Buy It Now On Sale Store Category Nobsound®——Douk Audio Germany Warehouse Audio HiFi & DIY USA Warehouse UK Warehouse Phono Pre-Amplifier Digital Amplifier HiFi Art-Elfidelity PC filtering part Sound cardDAC Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier EL34 Tube Amplifier 300B Tube Amplifier KT88KT66 Tube Amplifier 6P3P6P1 Tube Amplifier Other Tube Amplifier Tube Amplifier DIY Kit Diy kit Completed in case Tube Pre-Amplifier Tube Headphone Amplifier Famous Brand Amplifier Raphaelite Raphaelite transformer xDuoo APPJ ZHILAI Line5 Integrated Amplifier Diy kit Assembled board Completed in case Digital Amplifier Phono Pre-Amplifier Pre-Amplifier Diy Kit Assembled board completed in case Headphone Amplifier Diy kit Assembled board Completed in case DAC Audio Decoder Diy kit Assembled board completed in case XMOS DAC Guitar Effects Digital Interface Sound Card Bluetooth Audio Devices AV Tube Integrated Amplifier Record PlayersHome Turntables Hi-Fi Speakers Speaker Frequency Divider Speaker Unit Finished Speaker HiVi Speakers Aluminum ChassisDIY Enclosure Small-sized Medium-sized Large-sized Personalized Chassis Tubes Shuguang tubes PSVANE tubes Electro-Harmonix Tung-Sol Hi-Fi Cable 3.5 Line Out Cable Conversion Cable Headphones Upgrade Cable Power Cable RCA Audio Cable XLR Audio Cable USB Cable Coaxial Cable Dock Cable Optical Fiber Cable Other Audio Signal Switcher PSU Power Supply Diy kit assmbled board Speaker Protection Diy kit assembled board Audio Accessories Amplifier Transformer R-type Transformer Toroidal transformer O-type Transformer Other Transformer Other Join Our Newsletter Receive our email newsletters about new items and special promotions! Sign Up Now ! Hot sale 1 2 3 Douk Audio——————All THE BEST!!! Item description Tube CD MM Phono RIAA Pre-Amplifier This is a new multi-function Preamp designed by Douk Audio and Little Bear, you can used it as MM phono preamp or HiFi Tube Pre-Amplifier. Mini size can give you warm tube sound, alluminum chassis with charming tube light and Hi-end terminal, all of this create her perfect look. Furthermore, her warm tone definitely will give you the amazing music experience. NOTIC: Phono function Only for MM (Moving-Maganetic Cartridge) turntable only. not support MC truntable, AUX function only for CD or DAC or PC or cellphone or similar player. Quick guide: This is HiFi PHONO RIAA and CD multi-function preamplifier.phono RIAA function part is I am re-design it refer DENON-AVR-2310CI AV amplifier, there is Very good music replay, sound restore to original. if you had a turntable already, now, its time to revisit the classic. AUX function is tube buffer function to get the better warm sound, so you can setup T7 work for AUX or phono by input selector.... Parameters: RIAA phono part: 85dB >RIAA freq response 20hz-20kHz +- 0.5dB, S N ratio> 85dB85dB > THD

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