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Professional Affiliate and WordPress Websites Website Overview Custom Features Multiple Income Sources 24 Hour Installation Delivery Terms Of Sale Custom Affiliate WordPress w Multiple Income Sources This turnkey blog affiliate website is designed to easily plugin Amazon, Google Adsense and Commission Junction Clickbank Share-A-Sale affiliate programs! You could easily be earning a nice, second stream of income or even take it to the next level and operate full time from your living room if you choose! Take a look at what we offer our customers when they buy from us: FREE DOMAIN that YOU pick (when you signup for hosting - 1 free domain per hosting account) Custom WordPress website theme wAdmin area AUTO UPDATING website store FREE Search Engine Submission All to you within 24 hours! This site runs automatically... You wont have to lift a finger! Thats right, you do NOT need any experience and you will NOT have to learn website design, coding or anything else in order to run this website! There is no inventory to keep stocked, no products to ship and no hassle with making product updates to the site. How does it work you ask? Simple really... this is a custom WordPress website that allows you to generate content or articles on your particular niche business. However, what makes this website unique are the many different ways you can monitize it. This website comes with an Amazon aStore so you can offer your customers thousands of products right from your own website (Amazon handles the checkout, shipping, returns, etc and pays you a commission on the items you sell), Google Adsense ads, InfoLinks text ads and just about any other banner you would like to put on your website to generate money. Not only do you get the great, AUTO UPDATING Amazon aStore, but you also get an OUTSTANDING admin area that offers you much more than anyone else on eBay offers you! Your admin area will let you change colors of the website, customize your meta tags to help you rank higher in search engines and make more money, and also lets you control your Google Adsense, Amazon and and any other banners. We Offer 4 Different Designs In Our eBay Store We offer our customers the choice of several different designs and pricing levels to choose from on our eBay store so you can be sure to find the website that is right for you. See our custom designs below - You can easily change colors on any of our websites! Great WordPress Features This website has a fully integrated Content Management System that gives you the power to quickly and easily manage a customized WordPress affiliate website featuring thousands of Amazon products, articles, tips and more. It is designed to be a simple solution for website owners who may not possess all of the programming skills required to create their own professional website. WordPress Admin Control Panel Great CMS Options - This content management system tool helps you create and then update the web pages so easily, on your own, when required. You can easily add content to your site, pictures, events and even products whenever you want, in just simple steps. Search engine friendly - Our WordPress themes make it is easy for search engines like Google to be able to crawl through your website, index it, and know what your website is all about. This makes it easier for people to find your site. Very Easy to use - It is literally no more complicated than Microsoft Word, in terms of editing and adding new content. And much more! WordPress Article Management As with any website, content is king! Article management is certainly one of the most important things on a website for search engine rankings and our WordPress theme makes this extremely easy to do. Articles help increase keyword density and drive traffic to your website, so they are very important to any website - espeically a WordPress website. You can easily add, edit or delete articles, images and partner links on your website with a few clicks on the admin area. If you can type, then you can manage this website! Unlike other eBay sellers, we do not load with the same old, tired articles that are on every website that is sold. Why? Because that kills your SEO! Google can see the same article coming from different websites and penalize your search engine ranking for not having original content. You can write your own original articles or we can give you some sources to get articles for free - but we highly suggest you change the articles a bit so Google ranks as original content. Multiple Income Sources This is a serious money making website! Website income is generated from multiple sources! With multiple income streams, you can easily monetize your website and have income coming in each month! Below is a list of the sources that your website generates income from... Affiliate LinksJoin any affiliate program you would like. This website can display any JPGGIF banner and any text link you would like to display. You can get paid for clicks andor sales generated from these ads. AmazonThe Amazon Associates Program is among the largest and most respected affiliate program online. Your store will be setup with thousands of products and new products released will automatically be updated on your site. The best part is you have no inventory to purchase, products to ship, taxes to collect, etc - Amazon does all this for you. And Amazon pays you up to 10% per product that is sold from your website. Banner Ad SpaceYou can use your website to sell as much additional ad space as you wish! Charge whatever you want. Great way to make recurring monthly income! Commision Junction Clickbank Share-A-SaleOur websites have the ability to post almost any banner ad you want displayed. You can use any 3rd party affiliate program such as Commission Junction, ClickBank or Share-A-Sale to advertise hosts and earn substantial commissions... some banners pay over $100 per referral! Google AdsenseThis website is already SEO optimized for the best ads! Google Adsense will analyze your website content and display relevent ads on your pages. You can earn $0.05 to over $1 every time someone clicks on these ads (no matter if they buy or not!). With Google Ads, even website visitors equals money for you! InfoLinksInfoLinks are PPC text ads (like Google Adsense) that are placed inside the actual articles on your website. The keyword is underlined and when a visitor hovers over the keyword and clicks on the link to read more, you get paid from that advertiser. Professional Hosting Option vs Self Hosting Option Professionally Hosted Setup within 24 hours Free Installation Free Domain Name Award Winning Hosting 24x7 Live U.S. Support Unlimited Bandwidth 50 GB Disk Space Unlimited Email Accounts cPanel Control Panel 99.9% uptime Daily Site Backups Nightly Security Updates and much more! Only $48 Yearly Self Hosted Setup within 48 hours $10 Installation Fee ZIP Only Need hosting? Weve got you covered! Award winning hosting is waiting for you! We will have your website installed and ready for you within 24 hours. FREE Domain with each new hosting account (additional domain just $10) FREE Installation with each new hosting account (additional installs just $10) UNLIMITED Support for your website questions Fully Loaded hosting for just $48 yearly Already have hosting? If you already have hosting, we will install on your host within 48 hours. Your host must support WordPress for this website to operate correctly. You will need to buy our $10 installation if you already have hosting. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not buy. Auction Terms Affiliate Programs: You will need to join the affiliate programs such as Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google Adsense, etc - they are all FREE to join. Please note that Amazon does not accept affiliates from Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont due to your state internet sales tax law. You will need an address outside these states! If You Also Need Hosting: If you need hosting, we will install and setup your website within 24 hours. Hosting is just $48 yearly and comes with a free domain name and free install with each new hosting account. Award Winning Host - not some small eBay host! If You Already Have Hosting: If you already have hosting, we will install on your host within 48 hours for just $10. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not buy. Refunds: Due to the digital nature of this item (you can return it but still have a copy on your computer), there must be a good reason for refunds. If you have any questions, please ask before buying and well be happy to assist. Resellers: You do not get any reseller rights with any of our websites. You are not permitted to resell our websites - they are protected under US and International Copyright law. Violators will be reported to eBay VERO program and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. © - All Rights Reserved Visit our eBay store to see all 800+ custom websites

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