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Fully Automated eCommerce Business Website! Fitness Store EASY-TO-START, EASY-TO-OPERATE, HIGHLY PROFITABLE INTERNET HOME BUSINESS! Get started in your own eCommerce business TODAY! Let us provide a professionally designed business website for you! Simply select a business design from our extensive range of affiliate Internet websites and youre ready to go! Now you can have your own online business, make big profits, and enjoy life! Can anyone start an online business? Absolutely! Our readymade, fully featured, fully automated, and easy-to-use websites are ideal moneymaking solutions for anyone, especially work-at-home moms and Internet entrepreneurs. PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED WEBSITE FOR SALE! Fully Automated Affiliate Business Supported by Amazon Associates & Google Adsense To view a LIVE DEMO of Fitness Store website, go to:- bl.dowib.comfitness (paste this links URL into your web browser) FREE DOMAIN NAME! ( - depending on availability) FREE HOSTING (One Month)! Are you are looking for that LOW COST opportunity to own your own business? Do you want to earn continuous streams of BIG MONEY while exerting LITTLE TIME AND EFFORT? Have you ever wanted to reject the 9 to 5 routine and become your own boss? Have you dreamed of operating an online business from the comfort of your own home, but did not know where to start? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Here is the chance to own a professionally designed Internet store! Dont miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a flourishing online business! Take a few moments to study the following details. Your very own Internet business can be up and running in just one day! Act NOW. . . . . . Store Pages: Our websites are loaded with hundreds of great products! When one of your customers places an order, you will earn between 5% and 15% commission from Amazon Associates for each sale! Products are updated automatically! Search Function: With our easy-to-use search function, your store visitors are able to quickly find products they are looking for by selecting a Store Category, and then inserting an appropriate keyword in the second dialog box. By clicking on GO, they are immediately directed to the product of their choice. Product Pages: Product details and Customer Review Ratings are included for every product in your store. These bonus features are guaranteed to increase your sales volume! Videos Our website stores include YouTube videos, displaying the most popular videos related to your topic. Your store visitors can simply click on a desired video link and then view it directly from your website. Contact Us: Your customers are be able to reach you directly, providing feedback, asking questions, or voicing concerns. Blogs and Articles: This directory contains private label articles which you can edit and claim as your own. In addition, each article is also integrated with Google AdSense to help generate more income for your business. To view a LIVE DEMO of Fitness Store website, go to:- bl.dowib.comfitness (paste this links URL into your web browser) Fully Automated YOUR NEW BUSINESS RUNS ON AUTOPILOT - THOUSANDS OF ITEMS UPDATED EVERY DAY, AUTOMATICALLY All of our websites are completely automated and ready-to-go! Each page is self-updating. We have done all the work for you! The only thing youll need to do is bring people to your website and then check to see how much money youve earned! Choose a new store from our vast selection today! Profitable Income Streams FASTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) COMPARED TO OFFLINE BUSINESSES With a low cost investment, you can be your own boss and work at home! Two income sources practically guarantee a big income. When a visitor orders products from your website, you will earn up to 15% on every sale. As an additional bonus, when a visitor clicks on any ad links or banners on your website, you make money without selling anything! You can easily to generate big $$$$ every month working at home! You will be paid monthly via mailed check or direct deposit into your bank account. Professionally Designed PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED & FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE - NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Each website page includes a unique range of product categories, complete with working navigation bars, images, and text! Professionals will custom-design your new website, tailoring your new store to the business you have selected. You dont need any technical knowledge. Our Website Control Panel makes it easy to navigate your website! You can start making money right away with a fully functional and beautifully designed website store, already loaded with products and ready-to-go! Website Control Panel USER-FRIENDLY FOR THE BEGINNER WITH OUR WEBSITE CONTROL PANEL All of our store sites include a Website Control Panel with which you can manage your entire website! This interface is incredibly user-friendly - just point and click! With our versatile Website Control Panel, you can easily edit or delete website pages, add new ones, post blogs, change navigation labels, manage pictures and products, and perform many other tasks in our no-hassle control panel environment. No red tape, no permission required from upper level management! Reliable Business Partners ALL WEBSITES ARE SUPPORTED BY AMAZON ASSOCIATES AND GOOGLE ADSENSE Amazon Associates and Google AdSense are well known online companies that you can trust! Not only is your reputation assured by having liaisons with these reliable and responsible business partners, you also have the guarantee of receiving your payments monthly. With Amazon Associates and Google AdSense, you dont have to worry about a business partner bailing out on you! In addition, you will have easily accessible affiliate accounts with your new partners to keep track of your income. Minimal Work Required NO INVENTORY REQUIRED, NO SHIPPING INVOLVED, NO CUSTOMERS TO DEAL WITH Our affiliate websites are designed to sell products furnished by Amazon Associates. Amazon will process customer payments, package and ship orders, and handle customer service. When an order is placed through your website store, you dont have to do anything! As an additional bonus, your website store will display advertising by Google AdSense. Each time a visitor to your store clicks on one of these ads, you get paid from Google! Everything is taken care of and you can work from home promoting your site. Yes, it really is that easy! 247 Unlimited Support UNLIMITED CUSTOMER SUPPORT VIA EMAIL AND A SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM Get all the information you need to run your website store by simply logging in to our extensive KnowledgeBase Support System. Should you encounter a situation for which you cannot find a solution by searching our KnowledgeBase Support System, you are encouraged to send an email or submit a support ticket - our service and technical staffs are ready and willing to provide help at any time. We will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. We pledge to assist you any way we can in order to guarantee your success! Bonus FREE HOSTING, FREE DOMAIN, FREE SUPPORT, AND FREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM SETUP FREE HOSTING (1 Month) - For a limited time, every purchase includes one month of free hosting! FREE DOMAIN - Get a domain name for your new business at no cost! FREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM SETUP - We will help set up your new affiliate ID Program! How it works.... All of our website stores are built by integrating the resources of our reliable business partners Amazon Associates and Google AdSense. As such, all income generated by your website store will be based on these two sources. Google Adsense Google AdSense is undoubtedly the easiest way to make money on the Internet! All of our website stores have strategically placed AdSense ads on every page. Only ads which are relevant to the content of your store are placed on your website. When a visitor clicks on one of the Google ads in your website store, Google pays you for that click! Each click pays from a few cents to as much as $10 per click! With Google AdSense, you can even profit when a customer buys nothing from your store! Here is an example of how profits can be generated: Paid Per Click Clicks Per Day Approximate Revenue (Month) $0.50 20 $300.00 $1.00 50 $1,500.00 $2.00 100 $6,000.00 Amazon Associates The Amazon Associates program is among the most respected and favorite affiliate programs. Our websites feature an integrated shopping cart and a HUGE AMOUNT of products available for sale. Each product in your store has a specially formatted link embedded with your Associate ID. This allows Amazon Associates to track visits and sales generated from your site. When visitors follow your links, and then proceed to make a purchase, Amazon Associates pays you a commission of up to 15% of the sale price! All you have to do is sit back and watch your profits roll in! All new products released on Amazon will be automatically updated on to your website. In addition, Amazon Associates will process the payments, ship the orders, and handle customer service - you dont need to do anything when an order arrives! The following chart shows your potential monthly income based a website store partnership with Amazon: Number of Customers per day Approximate Revenue Per Day Approximate Revenue Per Month 5 6 $900.00 15 90 $2,700.00 40 240 $7,200.00 The more people visiting your website store, the greater the chance they will purchase one of your products or click on the affiliate links! The more purchases and clicks, the greater your income! Knowing how to build traffic to your website is the key to making your online business more successful and highly profitable. If you have little or no experience operating an online business or building an online presence, you dont have to worry! When you participate in our program, our KnowledgeBase Support System will furnish extensive tutorials on the subjects of Internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate Guides, and much more! These free educational tools will teach you how to run your website from top to bottom! EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS By operating your own online store, your bank account will show similar improvement! Well furnish everything you need to guarantee your success in your new eCommerce business! Advertising Space Selling advertising space to manufacturers who make the products you are selling on your website can be a great way of generating additional revenue! Many manufacturers spend thousands of dollars monthly for advertising space on websites similar to yours. Why not cash in on this opportunity? With our friendly and Website Control Panel, you can quickly and easily install an advertisers banner and website link. When an ad reaches its expiration date, it will be removed from your website automatically. Website Control Panel Our Website Control Panel gives you access to everything you need to know and do for your business. You dont need programming skills or knowledge of codes in order to build and maintain a successful website. The Website Control Panel features exclusive tutorials that show you how to accomplish specific tasks. The easy-to-navigate interface will transform the way you manage your website, making it easier, faster, and less time consuming. Better Content Management With the Website Control Panel, you can make updates to your website quickly and easily. Simply login and youll have immediate access to tools for editing the theme, design, layout, and color scheme of your website. In addition, you can change categories, posts, headers, footers, and the navigation bar. Through the Website Control Panel, your entire website can be customized to suit your every need. Flexible Theme Design With themes, you can have a unique online presence without spending time learning how to design and build a website. With just a few clicks you can change the design and color of your theme, the background pattern, fonts, and much more. Advanced SEO Settings Use the Website Control Panel to add Meta descriptions and tags to your website. In this brief segment you can insert keywords and a short description of your pages. These tags and descriptions will appear on search engines when your links are placed in the results. Advanced SEO settings will generate even more website traffic. WYSIWYG Editing Buttons Make your website unique by inserting your own graphics, business content, products, and more with the use of the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editing buttons. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q: I have never run an online business or website before. Is it possible for me to run one without having any experience? Yes, assuming you know how to use a computer and can comfortably surf the Internet, you have the required skills to run our websites. Every one of our websites includes a Website Control Panel, which enables you to manage the entire site. We provide you with all the information you need to run your new business effortlessly. Q: Should I worry about hidden fees? No hidden fees. Your website package already includes domain name registration (.com .net .org .biz .us .info .in, depending on availability) and one month of hosting for free. You will have the opportunity to continue to use our hosting service after the first month for a low monthly price and continue to receive unlimited support. Q: Can I design my own domain name or use my existing domain name? Yes and yes! Each of our customers may have their own self-designed domain name absolutely free! For example: (or .net .org .biz .us .in .info, depending on availability). If you have an existing domain name that you wish to use for your new website, simply indicate your existing domain name on our Order Page, and then consult our KnowledgeBase Support System for further instructions. We will provide you with two name servers to put in your register. Q: How long will it take to get my website? Upon receipt of payment and completion of your website registration, we will begin designing the domain and registering the hosting. We guarantee that your new website will be setup and delivered to you WITHIN 24 hours. You will receive notification of the completed setup via email. In addition, we will send you a link for creating your associate accounts with Amazon Associates and Google AdSense. Q: Who is the owner of the website? Once we have confirmed your order via email, the website belongs to you! You keep all of the profits that you have made! We wont interfere with the operation of your business in any way. Q: Can I move my site to another host after you build it? Yes, you can. It is your website and you can move it anytime. But it must be initially installed on our server. Should you elect to move to another host, we will assist you with the installation and setup on your server of choice for a reasonable fee. However, we recommend staying with your initial hosting service in order to avoid downtime (time lost while switching servers). Once your website is moved to another hosting entity, the free domain name and our 247 unlimited support are no longer provided. Q: Once I get the website, what will be the next step? After your website setup completed, we will send you the instructional register your Google AdSense and Amazon Associate accounts. Both of these are free to register and take less than 10 minutes. Once you get approve, please forward your affiliates info to us which we will integrate into your website within 24 hours. We cannot guarantee acceptance into these programs and will offer advice if you are rejected. Q: Is your work guaranteed? We guarantee that you will have a fully functioning website. At the time of transaction, all of your features and website scripts will be running properly. We also guarantee 99% uptime with our hosting server. We do not guarantee any income volume. The amount of money that your website will make is solely based on the marketing tactics that you use. Q: Do you offer support service after the sale? Yes. Our support service is noted to be the best in the industry. After the sale we extend our support to ensure you are happy with your website. We offer timely support services and guarantee you will be satisfied. Q: Can I add my own content to my website? Yes, and please feel free to do so. You will have full control over your store using the Website Control Panel. In order to attract more visitors to your site, you are encouraged to develop unique and interesting content, especially in the articles section. Drive targeted traffic from the search engines to your website by updating your articles on a regular basis. This is a highly effective marketing method that can generate big income if managed properly. Q: Can I add Meta tags (title, description, and keywords) myself for SEO purposes? Yes - you can do so in the Website Control Panel. This is a good practice for increasing your websites popularity and for encouraging the Search Engine Spiders to recognize you, find you, and bring more visitors to your website. You can learn more about SEO marketing strategies in our KnowledgeBase Support System. Q: Is it really possible to make money with these websites? Certainly! Every website we offer has demonstrated profitability along with the potential to make money during the first month of operation. Profit potential is virtually unlimited, the only limitation being your commitment to the business. The affiliate ads alone will likely generate enough profit to cover your hosting fees provided you effectively promote your website through Google. As with every kind of business in the real world, success depends on your investment of time and effort. Q: Will you run my website for me? No. You are launching a business online to be your own business owner. It is up to you to operate your website and make it the success that you want it to be. Advertising and Marketing of your website is available but not included in the purchase price of your website. Q: Can I resell my website? Yes! It is your option to sell your business whenever you choose. As the proprietor of your business, its up to you to choose what you make of it. Reselling our websites is yet another exciting way to make money! You can resell the website at any time, as long as it is sold complete with the domain name and hosting service that was included with your initial purchase. However, you cannot make copies of the website and sell them - this constitutes a breach of the terms of our copyright agreement. By purchasing one of our websites, you agree to the provisions of that copyright. Q: Do I have to live in United States in order to run the business? Absolutely not! Our websites are functional in all countries. We have customers from all over the world: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, China, New Zealand, India, United States, and many other countries! Precautionary Note: Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associates program. Q: When and how do I get paid? You are paid directly from Amazon Associates and Google AdSense on a monthly basis. When your website is activated, you will be given instructions (and a hyperlink) for enrolling in both programs. Although the payout schedules vary between programs, you can choose to receive a check in the mail or have the money deposited directly into your bank account! Q: Do you have a refund policy? Yes. There is a 14-day money back guarantee as follows: we will provide a FULL REFUND if we have not yet started designing your domain and registering your hosting. If we have begun any of these operations, we will refund 60% of the original purchase price. More Websites: Lite Design (Light) More Websites: Lite Design (Dark) More Professional Websites: Expert Design Copyright 2012 © BestSiteTube – Dowib The contents of this Auction Listing, including text, images, or other content of any kind, either wholly or in part, may not be reproduced or duplicated in any manner, for any purpose. Reproduction is a direct violation of copyright laws and eBay regulations. inkfrog terapeak inkFrog Analytics

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