Automotive Parts Online - Automotive Replacement Parts Online Business Website For Sale! Free Domain Name!

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Your one-stop online business solution is here!! Create your own website WITHOUT programming! Everything you need is provided: = What else do you need!? its COMPLETELY READY TO GO!!!! Website Design + Domain Name + Hosting + Affiliate Products Fully automated No experience needed No shipping involved No inventory No administrative required No customer orders to deal with 247 Unlimited Website Support 247 Unlimited Hosting Support 247 Unlimited Technical Support Extensive Knowledgebase Support Unlimited no. of Email Account Unlimited no. of SubDomain Unlimited no. of FTP Account Free Affiliate Setup Free Website Design Free Internet Marketing Guide Free Register New Domain Its easy, its simply, and its professional! You will definitely find this place to be your last & ever-lasting online store that youll ever needed!! POTENTIAL INCOME: $2,500 PER MONTH, UNLIMITED PER YEAR! Have you ever wanted to run your own online business from the comfort of your own home with the potential to make up to $100k per year but didnt know where to start? Are you looking for an opportunity to have your own business at LOW COST and LEAST EFFORT? If so then you have come to the right place, we have a perfect solution for you. Just take a few minutes to read over the details, you wont regret it! This is a GREAT CHANCE to buy a PROFESSIONAL, HUGE POTENTIAL INCOME, CUSTOM DESIGNED, REAL ONLINE BUSINESS. Just little effort of building traffic & you can pay the rest of your time just to check your account and collect earnings. Website Package Want to know what will you get in return of the money you are about to pay as your e-business starting capital? Dont worry, scroll down your mouse and you will find all the answers you needed. Everything You Need Is Provided Hosting - which you can select monthly, or annually subscription mode. Free Register a New Domain Name e.g. Professionally designed Website that consists of Pages (Store, Video, News, My Account, and Contact Us) and Affiliates (Amazon Associates unique product categories, and Google Adsense ads). Remember the website you receive is complete functionable and ready to go!! Unlimited Support Superior Service: you will enjoy 247 website, hosting and technical supports from our committed team members and all your problems will be solved without fail. Extensive Knowledgebase - which provide you Internet Marketing Guides that enable you to build traffic to your website and market it effectively; User Guides that allow you to run the business without going through a Master Degree course, and for those who are familiar with the business module you will find the additional Knowledgebase here allow you to manage your website with extra ease! 3 eBooks for selection - free download of tutorials for Adwords, SEO, Online Marketing and many more. Control Panel cPanel - access to your hosting which include features like upload or download files, creating unlimited no. of subdomain names, FTP account and email account (e.g. Website Admin Panel - which include On page SEO, 1 unique header picture, self-edited or selected website color, affiliates tracking ID setup feature, add new Page feature, add own product feature, and also PayPal payment gateway setting. Additional Bonus FREE Register a New Domain Name FREE Affiliate Setup FREE 3 Marketing eBooks FREE Visitor Tracking Setup Special For All eBay Buyers Only Setup Fee: USD $89.95 $0.01 Domain Fee: USD $9.99 (Free) Hosting Fee: USD $7.99Month (Free 1st Month) What you need to pay is just the Bidding Fee + $0.01 Setup Fee Automotive Replacement Parts Website For Sale View Actual Website eBay do not allow link to the live demo site, if you would like to have a look of the demo site, please type in your browser to see the DEMO version. We will offer you a selection of unique valuable domain names after purchase. Fully Automated Store Product Details All income will be generated automatically when visitor buy the product or click the advertisement on your site. Products are updated automatically! Product details and customer review rating are shown on each of your product store. It will increase your sellsale through rate!! Latest Video (YouTube) Updated News YouTube Video are displayed on your site, it will be updated automatically whenever newest video available on YouTube. Google News will automatically be updated every day, it brings you a chance to keep your visitors come back to your site! Shopping Cart Page Contact Us Page Shopping Cart page make ease to your visitors to view or edit product order before checkout. Contact us page enables your visitors to contact you easily and helping you to keep good customer relationship. View Actual Website eBay do not allow link to the live demo site, if you would like to have a look of the demo site, please type in your browser to see the DEMO version. We will offer you a selection of unique valuable domain names after purchase. REMEMBER: All the pages above can be edited at Website Admin Panel easily without any intensive programming knowledge. If you have any unique product category that you cannot find from our store, you can suggest to us anytime! We can setup for you from the affiliate store. Special For All eBay Buyers Only Setup Fee: USD $89.95 $0.01 Domain Fee: USD $9.99 (Free) Hosting Fee: USD $7.99Month (Free 1st Month) What you need to pay is just the Bidding Fee + $0.01 Setup Fee Just little effort of building traffic & you can pay the rest of your time just to check your account and collect earnings. 11 Features Assisting You To Success We assure you that all the websites you find here are complete, fully automated, and self sustaining with hundreds of thousands of products! A website like this enable you to concentrate on the marketing of your website products rather than paperwork, processing or shipping orders. The update of websites contents runs itself, which enable you to get the latest trends always. All inventories are drop shipped directly to the clients’ home. All youll simply need to do is to get visitors to the store and youll get huge commission from every sale. Great product selection, descriptions & comments, helpful tools, and easy to use checkout process will keep your customers coming back. 400 Unique websites for Selection: You will hardly find a more complete website supplier elsewhere. Browse here and choose among our over 400 unique websites. You dont have to start from scratch! However, we do not intend to stop creating new website to multiply your choice. If you have your unique product category in mind but you cant find from our website, let us know! Well be happy to help you satisfying your need! Complete website, Immediately Functionable (with images and text): Each website page includes unique range of product categories, with working navigation bars, relevant images and even usable text! Our complete, working websites are custom-designed by professionals just for your desired type of business. Easy website Management & Maintenance: websites can be customized and updated with ease. Just login to your Website Admin Panel, you can add, edit or delete pages, links, posts, change navigation labels, header title, pictures and many more other settings based on your own preference. No red-tape to follow, no permission from upper level! Custom website Theme: Likewise, you have all the flexibility of designing your website - edit page & sidebar background color from Farbtastic Color Picker just with clicks, add body background pattern, change fonts, color scheme with different header, so on and so forth to make your websites appearance more attractive. Get your own personalized domain name: To improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking, having a memorisable and professional image with your own personalized domain name is a necessity (for example: If you already have your own domain name, just point your domain nameserver to our hosting and we will run your website for you without any disturbance. Visitor Tracking & Analysis: You may want to figure out: How many people visiting your website each day, week, month and year? Where are they from? How do they come to your website? From search engines, links from other websites, and other sources? What keyword phrases are they using to search your website? Which of your website pages is most frequently visited by your visitor? What information they are most interested in? How visitors navigate your websites pages? Which browser and operating system are your visitors using? How frequently Search Engines Spider will visit your website? Knowing these answers and other fundamental questions is essential for making informed decisions that help to maximise the ROI (Return Of Investment) of your website investment, especially useful when you want to advertise in websites such as Google Adword . We will provide free service of Visitor Tracking setup for our annually hosting subscriber. This is definitely a good offer for you to keep track on your traffic and improve your marketing strategy. 247 Unlimited Supports: Our website tools are user-friendly, functionable and very easy to use. You may login to our Extensive Knowledgebase Support to find out all the information that you need to run your website. On top of that, we will also provide our subscribers with internet marketing guides and eBook to enhance their income generating speed from affiliates. If you have any other doubt which you cannot find solution from our website, you have absolute freedom to summit your ticket or email to us, our servicing and technical staffs are ready to give you all the help anytime. Reliable Business Partner - Google Adsense & Amazon Associate: Google Adsense and Associate Amazon are 2 well-known online companies that you can trust. Having liaisons with these reliable and responsible partners, not only your reputation is assured but also the guarantee of receiving your payment monthly. You will have no worry about run off partners, and conversely your can have easily accessible affiliate accounts with them to keep track of your income. Video Page & News Page Update Automatically: Unlike others, each of our websites includes Video Page & News Page that contains image and links of product related the videos & news from YouTube & Google News. These videos & news links will updated automatically whenever YouTube & Google News updates its videos & news, therefore you can always obtain latest video links for your website. This Video Page & News Page can especially be a useful tool for you to earn attention of SEO Spider and also regain your customers visit to your website. Sell Own Products & Receive Payments Through PayPal Payment Gateway Directly: If you have your own products that you wish to sell in your website, you can do so by adding a new page to include your own products descriptions together with the PayPal Shopping Cart. As you are directly dealing with customers in this case, all payment made will be sent to your PayPal account directly. Its the most convenience way for you to conduct online transactions without troublesome processes. Minimal Work Efforts Required: As there is no shipping involved in our basic website concept, you have no inventory to stock, no administrative required, no customer orders to deal with and the website is basically a fully automated website. All you need to do is concentrating in promote your website. Special For All eBay Buyers Only Setup Fee: USD $89.95 $0.01 Domain Fee: USD $9.99 (Free) Hosting Fee: USD $7.99Month (Free 1st Month) What you need to pay is just the Bidding Fee + $0.01 Setup Fee Your one-stop online business solution is here!! Create your own website WITHOUT programming! How It Works Perhaps you may also find thousand of ways to run an online business however, differentiate itself from the traditional online business mode and provide you the most convenience and comprehensive solutions that fulfill all your needs: It does not involve tangible products or shipment, which enable you to skip the hassles of keeping inventories; It runs on autopilot, which omitted your need of hiring administrative; It collaborates with reliable affiliates programmers, which enable you to run as an intermediary that does not have direct contact with customers; and last but not least, it provides extensive supports, which allow you to own a unique website that is absolutely easy and ready-to-go!! Look at the diagram below to find out how this amazing business works for you: Incomes of your website are basically coming from 2 sources: generates all Amazons most specific product category and present to you like a warehouse that displays unique products to your visitors. All related products are assembled in your website and the products that are listed are readily available for sale. When your visitors intend to purchase the product through your website, they will be connected to the Amazons website and proceed to the rest of the transaction. If the transaction is successful, Amazon Associate will pay a commission of up to 10% of the sale price to you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your sales rolling in, while the shipment of the actual product is handled by the product seller. Not only this, the most amazing part of this online business model is: all new products released on Amazon will be automatically updated onto your website and Amazon will take care of all the invisible hard works for you! Take a look at the chart below to see your approximate monthly income based on this online business mode: Number of Transaction Per Day Approximate Income Per Transaction Approximate Income Per Month 5 6 $900.00 15 90 $2,700.00 40 240 $7,200.00 Every pages of your website come with fully optimized Google Adsense Ads to help you generate high click-through-rates. Google Adsense only place relevant ads that suit to the content on your website, therefore you can expect a very high click-through-rate through your website. After all, Google Adsense will pay you depending on the popularity of your website - from a few cents to $50, if a visitor of you clicks it on your website. Here is an example of how possible the profit can be generated! Pay Per Click Clicks Per Day Approximate Income Per Month $0.50 20 $300.00 $1.00 50 $1,500.00 $2.00 100 $6,000.00 From there you can see, the website model is built entirely on affiliate marketing (meaning you become the marketer for another retailers - Amazon Associate and Google Adsense), and your income generated from your website are basically based on these two sources. You do not manage the transaction as your website simply presents the available products and then passes the potential customers to the retailers - Amazon Associate and Google Adsense. The transactions will be completed at the retailers websites (not yours) and your bear no responsibility for the customer service. What you will get in return for your marketing efforts is the commissions paid by these two affiliate partners on monthly basis, by cheque or directly bank-in to your bank account! So, the more visitors you have in your website, the higher chance they will buy or click the affiliate links and hence the greater chance you will increase your income. Knowing how to build traffic to your website is the key to make your online business more successful. If you have no experience in doing business or building network, you do not have to worry too. Once you have become our member, we will provide you an inclusive tutorials of internet marketing guide and eBooks (free download!!), which enable you to learn how to run your website from top to toe . Special For All eBay Buyers Only Setup Fee: USD $89.95 $0.01 Domain Fee: USD $9.99 (Free) Hosting Fee: USD $7.99Month (Free 1st Month) What you need to pay is just the Bidding Fee + $0.01 Setup Fee You will get all that you needed to start your online business in our one-stop website here! Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I have never run an online business or website before, is it possible for me to run it with no experience? A: Yes, assuming you know how to use a computer and can comfortably surfing the internet, you will have no problem whatsoever running the website. We will provide you with all the information that you need for running this business effortlessly. Q: Do I need to do any programming to launch my own website? A: No. You simply dont need any programming skills to launch your website. website requires no coding or scripting. Leave the hassle programming works to our technical team, what you see and what you use is ready to go, fully automated and run on autopilot. Q: Do I need to recruit any technical stuff or administrative to run my website for me? A: No. Managing your website is easy and simple, you do not need to set up a company to run it. All the skills that you need to have are knowing how to promote your website and attract many visitors to your website. You can acquire all the related information from our Knowledgebase, tutorials, e-books, or our friendly technical teams. Q: Do I have to live in United States in order to run the business? A: Absolutely no! Our websites are functionable in all countries. We have customers from all over the world in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, China, New Zealand, India, United States and many more! Precautionary Note: Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associates program. Q: How long will it take to get my website? A: We can guarantee to setup your website for you WITHIN 48 hours, once you have settled the payment of your website package. However, in most cases our customers will get their websites within 24 hours. We will notify you via email, together with all the accounts information that you needed. Q: Can I design my own domain name? A: Yes. eBay winning customers can have their own-designed domain name that is free, for example: You can also register a new domain such as (or .org .biz .us .info) for free Q: Can I run the website using my own domain name? A: Absolutely yes. Simply indicate your existing domain name in our Order Page, and then learn from our Knowledgebase how to point your DNS upon purchase. Specifically, we will provide you with two name servers for you to put in your registrar. Q: What fee do I need to pay for your website package? A: Our basic website package involves only three type of fees: Setup Fee from $89.95 (one time payment), Domain register fee $9.99 and Hosting Fee $7.99month (or $79.90year). However dont forget the occasional offers that we give to our new eBay buyer setup fee $0.01, FREE domain and first month hosting, so you just need to pay Bidding Fee + $0.01 for Setup Fee! Q: I already have a hosting somewhere else, can I run the website with it? A: No. We always encounter problems when we tried to enable this feature because some servers are not compatible with the website. This is a fairly complicated website and only compatible with quality servers. hope to host the websites so that we do not need to depend on others to provide you the proper modules that needed to run the websites properly. Q: How can I make my payment? A: You can use PayPal to process all your payments. PayPal has an excellent financing program for buyer, you can apply them during the checkout process. Q: What should I do to own the website? A: First - pay for bidding fee and sign up website package to design your domain, choose a website category, select hosting payment mode. (then allow us 48 hours to setup your website for you); Secondly - apply affiliate accounts (then inform us to import your affiliate tracking IDs for you). Thats all!! Note: sign up website and apply affiliate process will be guide by email. Q: Do I own the website once I pay all the fees that needed? A: Yes and No. Once you have settled your payment, wait for us to finish your websites setup for you. Yes the website will belong to you when we have confirmed with you via email. But wait, you are owning just an empty house and cant make any profit from it! You have to make affiliate registration with Google AdSense & Amazon Associate, get your Google Adsenses Publisher ID Number as well as Amazon Associates Login Email & Password and then email to us, we will then help you to import your products and you can start running it after that! This is a very easy step and registrations are free! We cannot guarantee your acceptance into affiliate programs, however majority of our customers have no problem in getting approval. Q: Can I add my own content to my website? A: Yes, and please feel free to do so. You will have full control over your store using the Websites Admin Panel, and you are highly encouraged to develop unique and interesting contents (especially in the article section) so that you can attract more visitors. Update articles regularly to drive targeted traffic from the search engines into their niche website. This is a tried and effective marketing plan that can really generate big income if you can manage it well. Q: What other content can I add to my website? Can I add my own product to my website? A: Yes, you have full control over your Websites Admin Panel, you can add as many pages as you like such as product description pages, article pages, blogs, and so on. If you have your own products that you want to publicise in your website, you can do so in a new page, and add on a checkout system to your website. Your customer can make the payment through PayPal payment gateway to your PayPal account directly. You can find all guidance on how to do these from our Knowledgebase. Q: What if I dont like the websites default appearance? Can I may any changes? A: Absolutely yes! Please fully utilise your features in Websites Admin Panel, you can change your title, description, header image, layout, font type, background color, content color, links color, and many more.. Tips: If you find you have your own better header image that you want to use for your website, you can upload it too! Learn how to do all these from our Knowledgebase and if you have any problem changing it, just contact our technical team and we will be ready to assist you. Q: Can I add meta (title, description, keyword) myself for SEO purpose? A: Yes, you can do so in your Website Admin Panel. This is a very good practice to increase your websites popularity and make Search Engine Spider recognise you, find you and bring more visitors to your website. You can learn more SEO marketing strategy in our Knowledgebase. Q: How much profit can I make? A: The income potential with this website is enormous. If the transaction through your website is successful, Amazon Associate will pay a commission of up to 10% of the sale price to you; and Google Adsense will pay you depending on the popularity of your website - from a few cents to $50, if a visitor of you clicks it on your website. After all, you will own 100% of these incomes from Google Adsense and Amazon Associate, no one else sharing your profits. Q: When and how do I get paid? A: You are paid directly from Amazon Associate and Google Adsense on monthly basis. When you deploy your website, you are given instructions (and a hyperlink) to sign-up at these various programs, where you can choose how you would like to be paid. The pay-out schedules will vary from program to program and you can choose to receive a cheque in the mail or have the money directly deposited into your bank account! Q: Do you offer support for all the websites you sell? A: Yes. In the main screen of your website Client Area there is a function for you to build UNLIMITED customer support ticket. We make our best efforts to respond and support tickets within 24 hours. There is currently no phone support for website to keep the cost low. Q: Do I need to service my websites customers? A: No. The website model is built entirely on Affiliate Marketing. In this case, you are marketing for Amazon Associate and Google Adsense however, you do not manage the transaction. Your website simply presents the available products and then passes the potential customer to the retailers. The transaction is completed at the retailers website, not at your website. All responsibilities on customer service belong to the retailer as well. You simply collect a percentage of the sale in return for your marketing efforts. Q: Will I see how many people click through my website? A: Yes, this is an additional bonus feature for our annually hosting subscribers. You can track these stats at your Website Admin Panel, your website built-in visitor tracking report will show you the number of visitor, visitor location, traffic sources, landing page, and many more.... every day! Q: Is your work guaranteed? We guarantee that you will have a fully functioning website. At the time of transaction, all of your features and website scripts will be running properly. We also guarantee 99% uptime with our hosting server. We do not guarantee any income volume. The amount of money that your website will make is solely based on the marketing tactics that you use. Q: If the profit is so great, why are you still selling it? Why should I believe it works for me too? A: Our business module is building website and develop a tool for interested people to make money from it. We aim to provide as many functionable websites as possible so that they can cater your need no matter who you are and where you from. We do have our own created websites that are currently making money, and they are really workable and effective! What you see is really what it is, believe it and trust us! You can tell the difference only if you run it yourself. You wont regret!! Special For All eBay Buyers Only Setup Fee: USD $89.95 $0.01 Domain Fee: USD $9.99 (Free) Hosting Fee: USD $7.99Month (Free 1st Month) What you need to pay is just the Bidding Fee + $0.01 Setup Fee We wont succeed until you do. We wont be satisfied until you are. Copyright © 2009 Dowib, All Rights Reserved. *NOTICE - Any unauthorized eBay seller are not allow to use this listing description and picture. eBay has a Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program for reporting an intellectual property rights owner violation. Repeated violations can lead to the suspension of your eBay account. **NOTICE - Anyone caught reproducing or coping any portion of Dowib Listing or website will be reported to their billing company, their hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will also follow up with a copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). inkfrog terapeak inkFrog Analytics

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